About IKM Technosys

We help settle normal particular issues related with the use and execution of different specific contraptions. We don't have association with a specific brand or business part. We are a self-representing association’s supplier, and trust in building tough association with our customers through unparalleled client advantage.

We have an exceedingly competent social event of guidance, imaginative fashioners, content makers, programming pros and web showing authorities who know how to pass on happens as expected. Our capable empower staffs to serve an expansive grouping of people's customers and business verticals. We have been doing only that since 20 years.



1. Exceptional Service

We give the best association accessible, and we'll demonstrate it. From conclusion to affirmation, our specialists handle your issues with limit and obligingness.

2. Pro Technicians

Our restrictive and comprehensive instructional focus point, ATS University, keeps our talented specialists capable and organized to be on the cutting edges, looking into complex PC issues easily.

3. Shown Experience

We use the most best in class instruments and advances to get your PC running ideally. With more than 40 years' incorporation in remote investigating, you can rest guaranteed that you're in amazing hands.

4. Rave Reviews

We pride ourselves on passing on wonderful help of our customers, and will work for the duration of the day and for the duration of the night to guarantee their entire fulfillment and honest to goodness quietness. Read our client reviews.

5. Rock-Solid Guarantee

A critical bit of splendid association is guaranteeing the most lifted bore of work. In case you're not happy with our association, we'll figure out how to make it right

6. No Hidden Fees

Not at all like various affiliations, won’t we get clueless you with secured charges. Our surveying prepares of time, so you get a handle on what you're paying and can settle on an educated choice.

7. Unrivaled Support

Consider us your own unique enable work to zone constantly open to give particularly masterminded, careful association. We have the contraptions and preparing to rapidly analyze and resolve any issue.

8. We will Make It Right

Current headway risks have perplexed PC investigating, which is the reason you require a confided in frill. We'll work for the duration of the day and for the duration of the night until the point that the minute that your framework is secure, stable, and running viably.

Company Profile

IKM is a fundamental provider of online particular help organizations to purchasers and private ventures over a broad assortment of enlisting and concentrated devices and programming. Using its elite Digital Service Cloud programming development organize, IKM passes on reinforce organizations to a colossal number of customers exhaustively and its organizations are open on ask. IKM starting late pushed on-ground reinforce benefits as well, which are starting at now available across finished terrain USA. With a creating overall impression, IKM organizations are open in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, UAE the GCC, India and Singapore.

A lot of Customer Satisfaction

IKM offers event based organizations for specialized help and whole deal vast participation outlines from one to three years. Customers can peruse diverse stations to contact IKM including electronic help, consistent phone, visit, and email or on-ground specialists. It offers an extensive suite of organization commitments, including finding and repair, foundation and upkeep organizations for various devices, programming applications and diverse things, including PCs, automated cameras, MP3 players, printers, et cetera. IKM similarly offers assistance for an extent of Apple contraptions. The customer devotion scores of IKM are among the most hoisted in the specific help industry.


The broad assortment of organization commitments by IKM is check pragmatist, which makes it a "one stop shop" for a few, customers' development support needs. Customers can rely upon IKM to address gigantic quantities of their particular help needs and sidestep the complexities of working with various help providers related with each individual device or programming application they purchase.

Unmatched Platform-as-a-Service

IKM's prohibitive advancement organize, called Digital Service Cloud gets more clever with every customer cooperation. It records each issue, course of action, and vital gear and programming specs while getting each customer's measurement information, and influences a lead to profile. This information is open at the fingertips of IKM Tech Experts, joining an awesome learning base with a sweeping arrangement of instruments and development capacity that can be gotten to on demand to pass on quality specialized help.


Association associations exchange all or part of the normal association commitment as for a client's system condition (counting LAN equipment and programming, WAN — voice and information — and voice deal with apparatus and programming) and, once in a while, the obligation in regards to headway or staff resources, to an outside seller. These associations may join framework errand or support, scope affiliation, resource association, accessibility association, execution association, affiliation, security, remote checking, specific diagnostics/exploring, diagram association, structure repair association and time of association reports. Structure remote checking and association, and fortress and recuperation associations, moreover fall into this class when some level of association is combined into the association.

Best practice ITSM workflows
Powerful integrations with IT management apps
Smart automation
Extensive reporting capabilities
Codeless customizations
Deploy on cloud or on-premises


IKM is the world's most worshiped specific help stamp, offering help to clients and free associations.

With a making general impression, IKM associations are accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, UAE the GCC, India and Singapore. Utilizing its restrictive Digital Service Cloud programming headway mastermind, IKM passes on help to an impressive number of clients all around and its associations are accessible on a request.