Parental Control Support

It isn't for the most part possible to keep a cautious look upon kids when they are using the Internet. Without grown-up bearing, they are powerless and displayed to virtual threats. It may happen that while surfing the Internet raunchy substance is appeared and adolescents are not grow enough to oversee it.


They may moreover appreciate visits with outcasts provoking severe direct. In order to ensure that your child is protected and protected from such perils, it is fundamental to present Parental Controls.

Parental Controls are basic in ensuring Internet security and it helps in continually observing Internet use by your child. It isn't just about filtering through pointless or unwanted substance yet furthermore about influencing a sheltered surfing to foundation for your youth.

With changing advancement it isn't for the most part possible to screen all the online activities of children. Regardless, they should be secured against such things that will wreak obliteration on their frail identities. Searching for a specialist help like IKM is the best way by which you would setup have the capacity to Parental Controls and certification security from online risks.

How we can help:
  • We help by presenting distinctive channels and security endeavors, for instance
  • Content channels
  • Usage Control
  • PC Usage Management Tools
  • Watching
  • Presenting latest version of Parental Controls

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