Smartphone Support

The making noticeable quality of Smartphones has achieved the inclination towards these five star contraptions in the market. These contraptions can now and then glitch causing an astonishing measure of issue especially for the all inclusive community who use it for capable purposes.


IKM has thought of an enthusiastic and obliging PDA/remote help with its imaginative affiliation and experienced experts. We give an assembled help to BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, O2, PalmOne, iPAQ and that is just a hint of a more imperative test.

We connect with you to present and strengthen your Smartphone programming by taking the base time and at whatever point it may suit you. Our especially composed specialists can get to your Smartphone remotely and resolve issues with no issue.

With our customer composed PDA/Smartphone support we empower you to do the running with in a reasonable and satisfying way.
  • Coordinating up of the Blackberry phone with PC, workstation, Mac and distinctive devices
  • Show and revive your Smartphone programming, driver or firmware
  • Present and reestablish your PDA programming, driver or firmware
  • Sharp affirmation of direct stacking of site pages on your phone program
  • Dealing with a lethargic phone
  • Synchronization of contacts, sends logbook and that is only the start
  • Overhaul or enable applications
  • Clear unused applications
  • Regulating unfilled call sign notwithstanding continuing calls

Adjoining unwinding these issues, our authorities will in like way influence you to walk around various unexplored features of your PDA/phone and help you use them to get most extraordinary favored perspective from it. Our inside and out planned pros will keep you absolutely calm and put aside adjacent no real way to pick your issue. In case it is something that breezes up being a repetitive issue, we offer a 'landing to' elective at whatever point the masterminding is incredible. In a general sense call us sans toll on our number and let our pros assist you with patch up specific help for Smartphones.

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