Virus Removal Support

Disease clearing is a level out requirement for the security of your PC. Diseases can get presented on your PC and taint distinctive PCs on the framework. It can back off the system and make huge mischief data that you have collected on your structure.


Virus is a PC program that rehashes itself transversely finished more than one PC structure. It spreads from one PC to different as an executable code. Its strategy for increment is by methods for the Internet and moreover through removable medium like USB drive, DVD, floppy plate and CD. Contamination ailment can moreover spread to various PCs if one PC on the framework is disease defiled.

Settling on contamination ejection will ensure security from an extensive variety of online perils. Antivirus writing computer programs is the best response for ensuring your system. It is here that IKM can give you essentially the sort of organization that you so require.

IKM’s tech masters would setup have the capacity to and present antivirus programming for guaranteeing your PC. We can help you in perceiving and emptying an extensive variety of contaminations.

We provide support for removing:
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Trojans
  • Malware
  • Other types of infection

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